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Bring the best possible compression therapy to your patients

As a healthcare professional, you aim to give the best possible care to your patients – and you can rely on JOBST to support you as you take them through the difficult journey of diagnosis and treatment of a venous or lymphatic condition, and of lipedema. Our mission is focused: to be a valuable partner – delivering proven, innovative and accessible compression therapy products, insightful and up-to-date clinical education and customer service support – so you, in turn, can help bring patients improved health, therapeutic outcomes and the chance to live their best lives.

Simplify your work with our JOBST eShop

Learn how the JOBST eShop can help ease your work routine with an intelligent patient management system and an improved measurement sheet to assist you with taking measurements for garment fit. If you don’t yet have a JOBST eShop account, register now and start enjoying the benefits – including intelligent patient management, fully-digital documentation of all dimensions and time-efficient follow-up orders.

JOBST Compression Institute

JOBST Compression Institute’s is our professional platform created to answer questions and be a valuable resource for fitters, clinicians, healthcare providers and caregivers interested in learning more about compression therapy and lymphatic and venous disorders. 

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Let’s Talk Lipedema

Lipedema affects numerous women worldwide. Yet, the condition and its symptoms are still relatively unknown. It’s time to change that!

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