Venous Solutions

Venous Solutions: How JOBST Products Can Help

Venous Solutions is a medical field that is focused specifically on venous disease. A phlebologist will diagnose and treat any disorders of venous origin.

Various acute and chronic venous diseases have been identified such as:

Various potential risk factors for the developing chronic venous conditions have been identified, such as age, family history of CVD, history of blood clots in the veins, hormonal changes, adiposity and positional factors such as hours spent standing or sitting and cigarette smoking.  Pregnancy and long haul flights are also known to be potential risk factors.

Compression stockings assist in the therapy management of venous diseases and treatment of varicose veins by helping to improve blood flow and reduce swelling in the affected areas.  They are designed to be discreet and can be worn for everyday life, during sport, at the office, or for hiking.  Keeping active in your everyday life with regular walking, swimming and cycling can also help maintain the best health for your leg veins.


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