JOBST® Confidence

Crazy about Comfort?

Are you seeking for a garment that is designed to be more comfortable and supports your active lifestyle? Do you have fragile skin? Are you using compression garments for the first time? JOBST Confidence was developed for mild and moderate lymphedema and lipedema patients*, inspired by the need for a more individualized garment.

It features a unique Contour Fit technology that conforms to your body shape even more accurately than before.

Ready to move freely with compression? Get to know the new JOBST Confidence styles that are now available as Panty, Thigh High, Knee High, and Arm Sleeve.


*without pronounced skin folds and shape distortions

Discover the New Panty Styles


With JOBST Confidence, we created something unique: a compression garment that provides a dedicated knitting pattern for both lymphedema and lipedema patients.* The new JOBST Confidence panty styles feature an innovative design that better follows the natural shape of your body.


*without pronounced skin folds and shape distortions

Inspired by Patient Needs, Developed with Next-Generation Technology

Move freely with the new Contour Fit

  • Unlike traditional flat-knit, Countour Fit adapts the fit of the garments at four instead of one positions on the limb. This creates a garment that truly replicates the unique form of your body.
  • Special Contour Points show where the garment has been individually tailored to allow your patients to move freely.

Softer yarn meets firm support

  • Softer yarn supports a pleasant feeling on the skin and also gives the reassurance of a firm support.
  • Special knitting construction also helps to provide more flexibility and comfort.

Unique built-in Moisture Management

  • Integrates a unique material construction and yarn composition to offer optimal moisture management.
  • High-performance fabrics wick away moisture and keep your skin dry, leaving a comfortable feeling all day long.


Discover our JOBST Confidence Products

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