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Reducing Your Risk

Lymphedema is a long-term (chronic) disease. Leading a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk to develop lymphedema or help to prevent your lymphedema from progressing.

In theory we all know what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, just like we know that it can be difficult to put it into practice. There are a few tips and tricks that not only reduce your risk of lymphedema or help to prevent your lymphedema from getting worse – but that will also have a positive impact on your body and mind!

Maintain a healthy weight

Eating healthy and especially maintaining a healthy weight can lower your risk of lymphedema.


Regular exercises and being active support the muscle pump and thereby stimulate the lymph flow. Contact your healthcare professional to develop an exercise program that suits you.

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Take care of your limb

Keep attention to early signs and symptoms of lymphedema or any changes in these symptoms. Protect your limb from skin injuries (e.g., scratches or cuts), sun burns and hot temperatures.

Be prepared

Immediately disinfect any scratches, cuts or insect bites. Carrying a small first aid kit with you can help you to always being prepared.

Develop and maintain a skincare routine

Skincare is important to reduce the risk of infections and to support your skin barrier while using compression therapy. Keep your skin clean and moisturize it if necessary.

Avoid tight clothes

Tight clothes, bras or waist bands impair the blood and the lymph flow and can increase your swelling. Move and stretch regularly during long travels.

Self Lymphatic Massage

You can also learn how you can do Lymphatic Drainage by yourself, this is called Simple Lymphatic Drainage (SLD). Your lymph therapist can show you how to do this to relief your symptoms.