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Lymphedema and lipedema are two completely different diseases. But something they have in common is that both diseases require a holistic treatment.

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Lymphedema and lipedema are long-term (chronic) diseases, and their treatment usually involves a team of different specialties. Whereas a collection of lymphatic fluid causes the swelling in lymphedema, a buildup of fatty tissue causes pain and discomfort in lipedema.

Treating these diseases includes different elements, and some of them are the same for lymphedema and lipedema. Compression therapy is a key element for both lymphedema and lipedema treatment, as well as skin care, exercise, and self-management.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is part of Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT), the gold standard for treating lymphedema.

Skin problems and related infections are more common with lymphedema and may require specific treatment.

For both medical conditions, a few surgical options can be considered under special circumstances, such as failed conservative (non-surgical) therapy, in the presence of severe symptoms, to support weight management, or to remove excessive tissue.

Long-term (chronic) diseases can also cause mental distress. Psychological therapy can help you to cope with your disease and improve your symptoms. Depending on your location, not all treatment elements may be covered by your health insurance.

Lymphedema and lipedema are complex diseases – their diagnosis and treatment can be difficult and sometimes they appear together. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) require appropriate qualifications, and different specialties need to work together.

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