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    What to expect when expecting a baby

    Although increases in blood pressure and volume help to nurture your growing baby, they can result in symptoms such as aching legs, swollen ankles and varicose veins. While all of this is normal, it can also be painful and might affect your daily routine when, for example, shoes nolonger fit properly. The good news is, these changes can be easily managed.

    Stay healthy

    A healthy body means a healthy pregnancy. Activities such as lighthiking, swimming or biking, together with gentle exercises specially created for pregnant women, such as prenatal yoga will help you to carry the extra weight of the baby and can help you regain your shapepost-delivery.*


    *Always check with your doctor about which form of exercise is most suitable for you during your pregnancy.

    A short introduction to Maternity Compression

    Compression garments can help to improve your well-being during your pregnancy so that you can get on and enjoy the important things in life.

    Medical compression legwear helps to reduce swelling by increasing the pressure in the tissue under the skin.This provides support to your veins and helps prevent them from becoming distended with blood. Plus, it can also help relieve vertigo and nausea.1


    Compression stockings can also help prevent thrombosis, avoiding the need for additional medication – an important factor that reduces unnecessary burden on your baby.


    1Mendoza E, Amsler F (2017): A randomized crossover trial on the effect of compression stockings on nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy; Int J Womens Health. 2017 Feb 22;9:89-99. doi: 10.2147/IJWH.S120809. eCollection 2017. PMCID: PMC5328137, DOI 10.2147/IJWH.S120809.

    JOBST Maternity Compressions Garments

    Specially designed for pregnant women and based on thorough research, JOBST Maternity Opaque compression hosiery is the perfect companion to support you during your pregnancy. JOBST Maternity stockings integrate high quality materials and a range of features such as a ventilation zone in the footsole and moisture-managing yarns that relieve your symptoms without compromising your individual style.

    Your Pregnancy Your Style

    Even though you’re pregnant you can still show your usual flair. JOBST Maternity Opaque compression stockings have been designed with your individuality and unique style in mind. Available in caramel, navy, black, anthracite and cranberry, the compression stockings can be paired with any outfit for a fresh look that’s 100% you.

    Lightness for Belly & Back

    As your baby develops and your body gains weight, you’ll probably also notice the strain on your belly and back.Hormonal changes affecting joints and tendons, and increased mechanical strain on ligaments, muscles and the skeleton are a commoncause for lower back painduring pregnancy.1 Below, we’ve listed a number of things you can do to help relieve this stress and bring some added lightness to your pregnancy.



    Tips & Tricks

    to ease belly and back strain


    1Berg G, Hammar M, Möller-Nielsen J, Lindén U, Thorblad J. Low back pain during pregnancy. Obstet Gynecol. 1988;71(1):71-5.
    * Always check with your doctor as warm baths may not be suitable where there is a risk of premature birth.

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